Tuesday, July 20, 2010

time keeping

uThis transaction is to be used to display time, mass display of times, and individual time display
nTimesheet data – Display Times
Transaction Code: CAT3
nDisplay Timesheet Data
Transaction Code: CADO

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

ok ok ok i missing my little buddy... i m feeling like a dead beat dad... only seeing my little boy on the weekends... nice thing is that i get to see him Thursday... that is the day we get paroled @ 2:30 yahoooooo.... then its home to see my little boy...

well work is going fine... long hours and horrible working conditions... but i should say i m blessed to have a job and not on the outside looking in... did you ever go to a bingo hall and see the long tables stacked end to end... well that is my office for the next couple of months... but its nice to be working with the people i m working with... all have the well most of them have the passion that this ERP thing will work and happy to work in the conditions to get the Job done...
last night a group of coworkers went out for crabs... we went to mikes crab house... http://www.mikescrabhouse.com/ check it out... very nice and great crabs... i could feel the blood rush from my head and my eyes glaze over as the moment of the crab took over my body... AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.... if i smoke i would have had a cigarette when i was done.... OMG.... LOVE THEM.....

and did i tell you all about WHOLE FOODS??????? my new mecca..... http://www.wholefoodsmarket.com/stores/annapolisculinary/ another aaaahhhhhhh.... night...

and my other favorite place to hang out here in Annapolis.... http://www.visitatc.com/

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I am sorry it's been tooooo long that i have posted... i just got an new job and i m on long term travel... so to say i m living out of my suitcase... yea... and i love it... i don't get it when i hear of people complaining when they have to travel but i m loving it... i can understand having kids and all... i thought it would be easy here in a hotel room all alone and.... but i m drawing a blank... me chatter box and all with not a word to say... i m watching America's got talent and ms Reba is sing her heart out i was going to change the channel but she is very captivating... and i don't like CW music and all that stuff... i more a disco stu... i m perplexed on who the guy host is and what did he do or where did he come from... oh now the truth is she is there to panhandle here new CD... and here i thought she was giving her support to all the talent competing... Capri pants love or hate them???? i also would like to know why the cleaning lady/man folds the TP in the bath room??? why is it a point and not a scallop... i don't get it??? can any one help me in this issue... i love the little bottles of sutter home... just enough for a glass of wine... without having to drink a whole bottle of wine... and having a hang over... oh to bad the lolly pop girls got sent home... this much better than America idol where they throw you off and then make you sing a song... yea right i would say..... bleep bleep bleep u want me to sing what bleep bleep bleep.... ok getting a little tired... tomorrow is another day... godnight and love u all....

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Summer Clams

this is what summer is all about... walking out in the Bay thru the muck and mess with you trusted clam rake... for an hour or so for you to rake the bottom of the bay to feel the stony thud of a clam... deep down in the sand... Large and small all as tasty as the next... The big monster clams are used for clam chowder and the ones about the size of a beer can r the best just steamed in a bottle of wine with cut up basil and ham garlic and green peepers... And u must remember the crusty bread to dip in the broth.... Ahhhh summer time of living easy and where time runs slower in Delaware...

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Meet twiggy

From Downloads

This is my Dwarf Mayer lemon tree... As you can see from the pictures why I call her twiggy... She started out last year great... She came in the mail (yes from QVC) and she was just a little twig... Poor little thing but boy did she take off... She sprouted lots of leafs... and then came the pretty white flowers.... WOW did they ever smell wonderful kind of like a tropical beach scent... Then came the Christmas 08 massacre... It starts with one leaf then 2 than 3 the 5 then ALL of them fell off twiggy... Maybe she was mad because I didn't get here a Christmas present??? I thought she was Jewish??? Oh well what to so she sat in my dining room all winter long... Then I put her out side close to the trash can because that was going to be her next stop if nothing happened...

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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

4th of july Freck

From beachpics

Freck waiting for the fire works to begin... had a great time on vacation... lots of good food and fun with friends... it was nice to see all the people converge on the Delmarva peninsula... But I m sorry for all the people who had to sit in traffic... I myself stayed at camp... only to make one trip to the Giant Super store for provisions steak and more steak... Sorry all my vegetarian friends... I am trying to consume less red meat... It's tough... And I am also trying to drop some weight also... So I will be happy to look and maybe take any suggestions you all have...

flowers at the beach

From Blogger Pictures

From Blogger Pictures

From Blogger Pictures
ok ok ok ok here some pic of my flowers at the beach... i know they r a day Lilly... but not sure what type... i will let you guys tell me... sorry the clams were bugging u so much...